• Functional Movements and Full Body Training

  • Weight Management

  • Corrective Exercise

  • Sports Specific Training

  • Flexibility

  • Nutrition Guidance


Kaveh Gorgani grew up in Marin County and has been involved with athletics since he was an early teen. He graduated from UC Davis in 2004 with degrees in Psychology and Communications, and from there went to work full time in the Real Estate Investment field for 6 years. After years of working at a desk, he had gained 35 pounds and developed back and shoulder problems from his sedentary lifestyle. Kaveh decided that the office position was not for him, and left Real Estate to pursue a full time career as a Personal Trainer in 2010.

After 3 successful years in the commercial gym circuit, Kaveh began his career as an independent trainer in 2013. Kaveh believes that health and fitness is a lifestyle, and strives to help his clients their full potential. He views the goal of achieving health as a journey, and is there every step of the way for his clients.  From the initial consultation, where goals and background are discussed, to the progression of a more complex exercise routine, nothing makes him happier than watching his clients move forward in reaching their goals and aspirations. He believes in focusing on all areas of health and wellness.

While exercise programs are what he specializes in, he encourages his clients to improve their work-life balance, and is always offering advice on nutrition, ways to reduce overall stress, and always looking for ways to improve ones quality of life, both physically and mentally.

Kaveh is extremely devoted to his work, and is constantly continuing his education in the Personal Training field. He believes that it is important to continually move forward in life, and is looking forward to improving his ability to help people in the years to come.


  • National Association of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • National Association of Sports Medicine | Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • CHEK - Holistic Lifestyle Coach | Level 1

  • USA Weightlifting | Sports Performance Coach, Level 1

  • BA, Psychology | UC Davis

  • BA, Communications | UC Davis


Kaveh is the most amazing personal trainer I have ever met. He has always been very serious about helping me achieve my fitness goals, and the results were visible almost immediately after I started training with him. All my friends recognized the improvement on my body and asked me about the secret. Each of his training sessions is fun and productive. He is very nice, outgoing, attentive, and genuinely cares about his clients. He is also very knowledgeable about the safety and effectiveness of each workout routine. In addition to giving me the most effective training routines designed to meet my goals, he always motivates me to live a healthy life by having active hobbies and eating the right food. His workouts are unique and interesting. He knows how to give me the right amount of workout to push me to the next fitness level, while still enjoying the process and feeling amazing afterwards. I like to take all the challenges given by him every week because I know I will become stronger and healthier after each workout. I feel very lucky to finally find a great personal trainer like Kaveh.
— A
I have trained with Kaveh Gorgani for nearly one year and would recommend him highly. He is very careful in his assessments, never generalizing but giving particular attention to individual needs. He strategizes his training in advance and is sensitive to any changes in the body. He is energetic and inspiring without being drill sargeantish. His demeanor is friendly and encouraging, one feels cared for during his training. Most importantly the improvement I have experienced since my sessions with Kaveh is the real testimonial.
— F