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  • Individualized Resistance and Stretch Program Design
  • Functional Movement Training
  • Corrective and Postural Exercise Training
  • Core and Back Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Holistic Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional + Mental Eating Counseling
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
— Aristotle


Kelly has been working in the health and fitness industry for the past seven years and received her Bachelors of Science in Health education from San Francisco State University where she specialized in community-based public health to prevent cancer and disease through exercise, nutrition, and mental well-being. Through her practice as a CHEK Institute certified exercise and holistic lifestyle coach, Kelly teaches clients how to live a vital life in harmony with their unique body to achieve the results they desire.

Kelly believes that “health begins from the inside out, when we put quality in the result is always quality out.” Kelly teaches clients how to nourish their bodies, exercise efficiently, and think positively.  As a result clients are able to achieve their unique goals by listening to their bodies, giving them what they need, and finding a healthy balance between external stressors and personal dreams.

Kelly’s work with an array of clients from athletes to new mommies, people seeking fat loss and muscle gain, back pain relief, postural balance and more, has taught her that one- size does NOT fit all. To get maximum results, training programs need to be as unique and individualized as the human body. 

For clients seeking to work with Kelly, the road to health begins with a comprehensive assessment that looks at their current posture, breath, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, thought, and movement patterns.  Kelly then designs a highly individualized functional resistance, nutrition, and lifestyle program to help each client reach his or her goals.  Kelly’s clients appreciate the support she offers them through every step of their journey, both in and outside the gym.  As one client puts it, "Because of her intellectual curiosity, genuine concern for her clients and zest for her work, Kelly has the wisdom of trainers with twice her years’ of experience.   Her ability to listen, observe and respond also makes her a very effective trainer.  Every day as I lead a more fulfilled life I feel fortunate that I met Kelly." -Laura M.

At an early age Kelly found herself drawn to movement through sports such as volleyball, swimming, and running.  About 7 years ago her journey to understand optimal functionality of the body was sparked by her desire to break free from the struggles of yo-yo dieting, digestive dysfunction, emotional eating, mental stress, and back pain.  After years of struggling with health issues, being diagnosed with different “disorders,” and then treated with medications only to find her symptoms aggravated, Kelly was inspired to learn about the mind- body- -spirit connection to find solutions and to heal herself. During this journey of taking her health into her own hands she discovered healing through unconventional, yet nurturing and highly effective methods.  She has since devoted herself to the art of healing through loving her body rather than treating symptoms and is committed to helping others do the same. Kelly is passionate about education, growth, and play, for herself and others.  When she is not working with clients she is developing herself through classes, books, mentors, certifications, workshops and enjoying life by hiking, being outside, cooking, and exploring the city.

Kelly’s goal is to help people have the quality of life they desire, living a vibrant and healthy life to the fullest, free of disease and pain.


  • Bachelors of Science in Health Education from San Francisco State University
  • C.H.E.K. Institute Certified Exercise and Holistic Lifestyle Coach


I believe health is a God given right, but it is our responsibility to take care of our body from the inside and out. If you are ready, I would be honored to journey with you as your coach and help you take your health into your own hands. All I ask is that you make a commitment to yourself.


I train with Kelly and I am so happy to have found her- she is such an inspiration and a great source of support, not only in our physical workouts but also mentally/emotionally. You can tell she really wants each of her clients to shine and reach their highest potential.
Kelly is by far the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. Very thorough, thoughtful, and just all around great to work with. I’ve noticed huge changes in my overall strength and body tone in just a few months. She’s even taught me to cut down drastically on my cardio and I’ve actually LOST weight! Kelly is a fantastic listener and unlike some trainers I’ve worked with in the past whose eyes wander and get distracted, she is extremely focused during our sessions, noticing every little detail in the exercise.
There are rare times in life when you meet someone very special. Someone who has the grace to change the way you think and help you become a better person. Kelly has this ability! Within the first session/assessment I already noticed a change in myself. She took the time to learn about me, my goals and health concerns, so she could design the right nutrition and fitness program especially for me. I’ve been training/working with her for less than a month now and I’ve already dropped over 20 lbs. I originally signed up with Diakadi to lose the weight - thinking that is what would “cure” me, but I’ve learned there is so much more to it. The nutrition program she has me on cured my anxiety; I sleep better, have more energy everyday, don’t sweat the small things in life, laugh harder, breathe deeper... the list goes on and on. Not only is Kelly extremely knowledgeable in her field, but she’s just a great person with a huge heart and a passion to help her clients achieve greatness and bring out their “bright radiant lights”. The confidence she instills in you is priceless and her holistic approach on overall wellness with all areas of your life is something I will cherish going forward.