• Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise

  • Post-Injury Rehabilitation

  • Improved Strength, Muscle Mass, and Coordination

  • Women's Fitness

  • Functional Sport and Movement Training

  • Fun and Creative Program Design


It’s never too late to be what you might have been.
— George Eliot

Liz, originally from Richmond, Virginia, is currently pursuing her PhD in Exercise Physiology. She has invested a great deal of time examining the science behind exercise and injury and believes that fitness is being able to move the body in all of the ways it was meant to move. 

Her great interest in injury recognition and prevention led her to investigate the causes of lower body injury in high school and collegiate athletes in her dissertation research. Within her studies, she evaluates the predictive value of existing injury evaluation tests and hopes to create a method to best recognize an athlete susceptible to injury. This extensive research parallels the objectives of personal training, allowing Liz to recognize and correct poor movement quality before it leads to injury. Additionally, it allows her to work with existing injuries to stay within a safe range of motion and create the optimal environment for healing. 

As a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Liz has the education and experience to prevent, treat and rehabilitate injuries. Her program design incorporates corrective exercise and functional movement in order to allow your body to move the way it was intended to move. Whether your goal is to increase your vertical jump height, decrease joint pain, or simply be able to keep up with your kids, she will design a unique fitness program to help you reach your goals.

If working with athletes has taught her anything, it is that exercise should be fun! It is important to enjoy your workout. She takes your entire unique personality into consideration before developing a program specific to your goals; no two programs are alike. Liz can often be found indulging her creative side as an actor, painter and musician, but is happiest when helping others.  She is passionate about encouraging young women to confidently embrace every opportunity to nourish their best selves.


  • PhD Candidate Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science, Exercise Physiology - University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • MS Health and Movement Science - Virginia Commonwealth University

  • BS Athletic Training - James Madison University

  • BOC Certified Athletic Trainer


Something I have always respected in impactful coaches, trainers, and mentors is how they embody the principles they teach. Liz helps to make her teaching relatable and meaningful by practicing the healthy principles she teaches. I cannot think of a more trustworthy and motivational person to work alongside in strengthening and empowering my body than Liz, and I highly recommend working with her
— Stef
I look up to Liz in many ways, as she is not only a fantastic trainer, but a sweet, thoughtful, caring, and honest person. With both her extensive educational and practical experience in the field, she offers a multidimensional approach to training and health coaching. She’s the girl to push you.
— Angie