• Lean + Bulk Muscle Mass Gain

  • Fat Loss

  • Athletic Specific Training

  • Flexibility and Stability

  • Explosive + Plyometric Training


Fear is a lack of faith.

Meet Paul Wright. His life has consisted of nothing but fitness and sports from a very early age. He grew up in the surrounding area of Concord, located in the East Bay Area. Sports were introduced to him at 5 years old and once he turned 8 he consistently played basketball, football, baseball, and swam year ­round. At the age of 16, Paul decided to focus all of his energy on football. After attending the prestigious football powerhouse De La Salle High School, he received a full scholarship to Illinois State University and finished his collegiate career at Central Washington. After college he took his talents to multiple teams and leagues spanning over two and a half years and 4 countries from America to Serbia, Germany, and Poland.

The passion Paul had with football is the same passion he holds with “Get Wright Fitness” and life in general. He believes in pushing the mental and emotional aspect of fitness first and foremost to be able to reach goals; just as in football where mental strength is preached upon. Paul has real hands-­on experience that he has put his own mind and body through as an athlete to truly understand what it takes to instill discipline, consistency, and overall good work ethic in any program. Paul will look to obtain full and complete body control by putting you in unstable environments where you will be forced to activate and use muscles to build stability and awareness throughout the body He couples this with finding ways to incorporate controlled explosion with his clients; because a fast muscle, is a lean muscle! 


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

  • Bachelor's of Science in Interpersonal Communication


Paul is an excellent trainer! He always keeps you on our toes and continues to push your limits. He makes working out challenging and fun. His great attitude and unique routines have you looking forward to your next workout.
— Erica
I worked with Paul for his last 8 weeks with Bootcamp SF and felt myself get stronger day by day. He made sure to add variety to his workouts each time, making each day fun and exciting. Also, Paul’s work ethic and passion for fitness made it that much easier to hold myself accountable. In short, Paul is FANTASTIC trainer.
— Alison
Training with Paul Wright has gotten me in the best shape of my life. I’m stronger, faster and have great muscle definition. Throughout my training I’ve been pretty specific about the areas I wanted to target, within a few short weeks, I saw great improvement to those areas and definition in muscles I didn’t even know I had. Paul brings a fresh perspective to training and makes every session exciting and challenging.
— Nicole