• Program Design - Full program focusing on balanced mixture of core, strength, nutrition, flexibility and cardiovascular efficiency

  • Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning

  • Outside + Extreme Sports Preparation: Snowboarding, Mountain-Biking, Rock-climbing and Surfing

  • Self Defense - Jiu Jitsu (no- gi), Basic Boxing Conditioning

  • Weight Loss + Weight Gain

  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness


With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Ross Steiner has been working with clients and athletes to maximize their potential to achieve high levels of improved performance, optimal body composition and a structured plan centered around functional movement and injury prevention. Each client is designed an individualized program personalized to the unique goal of each athlete.  Ross knows that each client is a unique individual and begins with a comprehensive Functional Movement Screen in order to design a strength program tailored to each fitness level, areas of strength and need as well as their fitness/training goals and time frame available to reach these goals. Ross knows how to push and motivate each client to obtain maximum results without injury while monitoring programs closely and making adjustments as needed.

Ross’s background draws from a diverse set of styles, disciplines and certifications including NASM-CPT, NSCA-CSCS, USAW weightlifting. Programs are built and structured based off of his extensive study of biomechanics utilizing bodyweight, kettlebell, dumbbell, powerlifting, Olympic style weightlifting, plyometrics, speed and conditioning. His work as a sports performance coach with Stanford football, Mission Football and scores of individual athletes has fully developed his strength and conditioning knowledge base and allowed him opportunities to work with many D1 and NFL athletes such as Andrew Luck, Coby Fleener, David Decastro, and Jonathan Martin. These priceless experiences have allowed him to hone his craft for working with not just the novice, but the elite athlete.

He compliments each training program with an optimized nutrition strategy built custom to your performance goals. He has researched and experimented with a series of nutritional programs and knows what works best depending on if you are trying to lean out or build muscle.

Ross is also the co-creator of The Business Movement, created in 2016 by four leaders in the fitness industry to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and young coaches. He has given many lectures on the fitness industry, and has implemented a mentorship program for aspiring coaches. In this mentorship, coaches observe and study under Ross while they learn his philosophy, craft, style and begin to take on clients and athletes under his guidance and watchful eye.


  • National Strength and Conditioning Association | Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Functional Movement Screen | Certification Level 1 & 2

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • USA Weightlifting | Certification

  • StrongFirst Kettlebell | Certification 1


Training with me and my team of coaches offers a unique opportunity for athletes and general fitness population to have access to a complete strength, conditioning and injury prevention system. This system summating from over a decade in the industry, utilizes principles from expert coaches I have had the opportunity to work with. The founding principles of our training style is built upon building a foundation based on functional movement and optimal body composition. Each athlete is individually assessed and built a custom program based on the following key modalities: Mobility, Flexibility, Bodyweight, Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Barbell, Olympic style weightlifting, Plyometrics, Speed, Conditioning and optimal body Composition. Steiner Strength’s team of expert coaches are here to provide you with the most complete system of training no matter what your goal or sport. I personally look forward to working with each and every one of my clients.
— Ross Steiner


I highly recommend Ross. I’m a person that has had trainers in the past but have always gotten injured one way or another...This hasn’t happened with my workouts with Ross and I am grateful that I am getting great, sweat producing workouts without any injury. Plus, Ross is a great guy. What more could you ask?
— Patty
Ross takes the time to understand what your goals are and customizes your workout to help you reach your goals. He also is great at helping to keep you accountable to your goals. Each workout session includes a post-workout summary that is emailed to you with a 1-5 score of how you did. I find this to be a motivator and there are times that when leaving I will tell him “that was a 5 star workout.” I find this to be a motivator during the workout because I always want the top score. Ross worked with Stanford football so you can get a full body training type of workout if that’s what you’re looking for or you can get a more traditional “put on muscle” type of workout.
— Brian
I’ve trained with Ross (2-3x a week) for the last several months; the results exceeded my expectations. Ross has a broad range of exercises that build strength, tighten muscles and increase your metabolism. His workouts hit muscle groups from different angles and he structures the program in a way that the workouts are incredibly productive, focused and well, the time flies.
— John